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A crutch with the classic appearance of a cane from the 1950’s.


The crutch itself is in light bamboo, and in order to add weight and a better balance to it, a 50-gram stainless steel weight is hidden in the bottom. The fitting is in untreated steel, which in time develops a beautiful surface that is kept free of rust by daily use, like a craftsman’s hammer that is worn clean. The handle is hand-turned beech wood and the arm support is hand-sewn full grain leather.


We are fascinated by the difference in expression that is achieved by changing the type of bamboo used in the rod and the wood in the handle. If we use black bamboo, which by nature is dark brown, and the handle is hand-turned “smoked oak”, which gives the oak wood a dark color, we get yet another beautiful expression.


This crutch has a unique combination of aesthetics and strength. It can withstand the most powerful use !. Using bamboo as the crutch rod, this model is very light and stiff.


The oak or beech wood and bamboo are treated with linseed oil and the arm support is cared for with neat’s-foot oil.


The rubber tip is a standard 16mm tip.

Weight: 773g (varies slightly due to the use of natural materials) User weight should not exeed 130kg.

CE-godkendte krykker som er klassificeret ifølge Rådets direktiv 93/42/EEC, med rådets direktiv 2007/47/EU samt Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse, bek. 1263 af 15/12/2008 bilag IX. VH Krykken klassificeres som Klasse I udstyr, iht. Regel 1 og 12.

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