Vilhelm Hertz has chosen to manufacture the armrest from 2.6mm core leather. Core leather changes its shape after the arm, which we believe is better than having the arm adapt to the shape of the armrest.

The leather armrest is hand-sewn with woven wire thread at our own workshop in Halsnæs. The leather is italian vegetable tanned leather to avoid chrome tanning. All leather armrests are branded before sale. You can get them in four ways:


  • Untreated, where the leather slowly takes color from sun and use
  • Leather oil, which is immediately soft and delicious and significantly darker
  • Leather grease, where the armrest slowly becomes darker, but not as dark as if it is treated with leather oil
  • Linseed oil behaves in many ways as leather oil; the leather becomes darker, but harden over time in the shape of your arm


If you would like a different leather color, sewing thread or engraving with laser, please contact us and we can discuss the options.


If you want to buy extra leather armrests the price is 450kr/pcs.


CE-godkendte krykker som er klassificeret ifølge Rådets direktiv 93/42/EEC, med rådets direktiv 2007/47/EU samt Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse, bek. 1263 af 15/12/2008 bilag IX. VH Krykken klassificeres som Klasse I udstyr, iht. Regel 1 og 12.

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