Travelling the world, Vilhelm-Hertz have discovered other beautiful products


Jaunty Wheelchair Gloves are handmade in the UK from luxury leather.
As a permanent wheelchair user, Katherine, the owner of designed2enable, wanted a better selection between feminine and stylish wheelchair gloves. She designed these hand-sewn luxury gloves in cowhide. We highly recommend.


Danish designed sensory stimulating cute teddybears and hiqh quality blankets.


Danish design and produced knives for people with arthritis. They also produce beautiful cuttingsboard.

AKP design

Danish design quality cool walker.


"Der Teller" is designed and produced in Germany. Perfectly designed for people with only one arm. The plate is designed with a non-slip bottom, ie. it won´t move when used.

Nino Robotics

Nino Robotics Electric wheel chair.


"Indesmed" from Spain design and produce ultra light weight and strong crutches and walking canes. Material range from aluminium and carbon fiber.


Australian based "Uccello" produce gorgeous looking practical and safe electric kettel.


Danish company "Lemco" produce nice looking indoor training bicycles for people in wheelchairs.

CE-godkendte krykker som er klassificeret ifølge Rådets direktiv 93/42/EEC, med rådets direktiv 2007/47/EU samt Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse, bek. 1263 af 15/12/2008 bilag IX. VH Krykken klassificeres som Klasse I udstyr, iht. Regel 1 og 12.

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