Crutch handle

Vilhel Hertz produces several different shapes of the handle, as it is our experience that not two hands are the same. Therefore, we offer a handle guarantee, which means we manufacture handles so that the customer is 100% satisfied.


What´s ergonomics?

We are craftsmen, and when we look at the hand tools that the craftsmen have as 1st choice, yes, they are not soft lined or shaped so the hand fits exactly. No, on the contrary, it is shaped so it has a good grip in a lot of different positions. We believe that because you can move your hand, you avoid unilaterally repeated wear. We have taken this knowledge into our crutches and how the handles are designed.


Right now we have 3 standard handles.


The cylindrical handle was the first handle we developed. Using this handle requires a bit of rehearsal, but our experience says that 19 out of 20 customers have been very excited about this handle and do not want to use other types.


The barrel-shaped handle we developed for people with large hands or who need another kind of reloading in the hand.


The handle for the “Bamboo” crutch, we have repeated the bamboo “knee” in the handle. We have some customers who miss a "stop" on the handle and, if necessary, we built a handle with a stop. However, we recommend that you walk with the crutch for approx. 14 days before we change the existing handle with on with a stop. This is because the stop reduces your possible movements on the handle.


If none of our "standard" handles are suitable for you, then in close cooperation with you, we design and build a handle that makes you satisfied.

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