About Vilhelm Hertz

We are two close friends from Halsnaes county in North Zealand, Denmark. One day, we were approached by a woman who was dependent on the use of crutches. She asked if we could help her, either by repairing her old handmade crutch or possibly by manufacturing a new elbow crutch. This led to the establishment of the Vilhelm Hertz Company as designers and manufacturers of custom-made crutches.

The purpose of a health-aid is obviously to be better able to see, hear, move around, eat your food and carry out all kinds of other functions. But for many people with a functional disability, it is an extra stigmatization that disability aids are so apparent and so uniform in spite of the fact that all attempts have been made to make them discreet. For that reason, we have chosen to underline the artistic beauty of this utilitarian object. Just as a chair is designed for sitting at the same time as it can also be interesting to look at.

We feel entirely responsible for our work and the products we sell, so the crutches are designed by us and constructed by us and other local craftsmen in Halsnaes, Denmark.

Nowadays, no one would accept wearing social security eyeglass frames of the ‘50’s. That is one of the reasons we have started developing “Crutches for Life”, and at the present, we are presenting five completely unique models. They are for those of us who want to be ourselves and at the same time be well-dressed!

Nonetheless, the feeling of visibility, of standing out, is still there, and this is where we aim to choose a different path. We want to make something that is very visible!

Why on earth? Well, if we are to distance ourselves from a stigma, the distancing does not come from the world around us, but from us ourselves. We have to show that we are proud of ourselves. There is no use in dressing smartly if the thing that stigmatizes us most is our health aid!

People who are dependent on crutches – the aluminum hospital variety – are often met with questions about their ailment and why they have to use crutches. Well, a crutch is an aid that helps you walk better. Just as a pair of glasses is an aid so you can see better. But no one poses the question to a person with glasses, “What’s wrong with you?” or “What’s wrong with your eyes?” On the contrary, eyeglasses are often referred to as “cool” or “stylish”. Our wish is that the crutch-user be complimented on his or her choice of crutch rather than bringing attention to their handicap.

What is a forearm crutch? Well, it’s an aid that helps you to walk, exactly as eyeglasses help you to see better. As we see it, the development of crutches has come to a standstill. OK, every once in a while crutches with new functions and colors pop up, but is there any focus on aesthetic innovations and artistic design?

Thus: crutches that you can be proud of showing off and that you can individualize. Your ideas and wishes are very important to us. We are craftsmen of high professional standards, and we make every single crutch especially for you. All the models can be varied according to your needs and desires.

CE-godkendte krykker som er klassificeret ifølge Rådets direktiv 93/42/EEC, med rådets direktiv 2007/47/EU samt Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse, bek. 1263 af 15/12/2008 bilag IX. VH Krykken klassificeres som Klasse I udstyr, iht. Regel 1 og 12.

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